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Citizen, employe, student, friend, volunteer. Nowadays, in a world full of wonderful things that struggles with so many problems, it is hard to decide what you want to be in life. With so many options to choose from, we often forget that who we want to be in life isn’t defined by our job, our career or our daily chores.


MEDEUYM project was a perfect reminder of all this. In life, all we need to be is happy, involved and ready to make a change. As youths, our responsibility is to observe,be attentive, speak our minds about what needs to be improved or changed and stand up for what is worth fighting for.

Every day that we spent in Catania for the MEDEUYM profect was challenging, special and eye-opening. Every day we met interesting and important people wanting to help us and proving us that through structured-dialogue, through media and IT tools and through social inclusion there is nothing that we cannot change if we put our heart and soul to it. This way, we learned that communication and dialogue are the roots to a better relation between youngsters and political representatives, we found out how and why the social inclusion is important to every single one of us and we discovered how to use the media in our benefit. All the things that MEDEUYM taught us have helped us with our activities and project, especially because we are all volunteers.



The days we spent in Catania were even more than that. There, we met amazing people, but at the end, we said our goodbyes to friends. Being all in the same age group helped us develop special bonds.




“I had a great time in Catania. The project was very interesting and I am glad I was part of it”-Pălăncianu Mălina

“Interesting activities, amazing people, beautiful sights”-Baciu Vlad

“This project helped me realise the difference I can make in the society.”-Pătrăuceanu Andrei

“It was a great opportunity to learn about the impact I have as a youth and develop as a person”-Tihon Ana Maria